How To Start a Fire With Urine [VIDEO] - True or False: You can start a fire with your own pee. TRUE. Depending on how hydrated you are, it may be far easier than you would ever think. In fact, if you can fill a clear plastic water bottle with fairly clear urine, then you have a lens. With that lens, although its not […]
Survival Gear -   ​   Tactical Laser Sight Even if you struggle to hit the broad side of a barn… you will double your accuracy in 30 minutes or less. Everything you need to start using your MCG Tactical Laser Sight in seconds is included… No extra assembly or parts needed!   Portable Power Pack Power Up […]
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Our Picks for the Top 5 Bug Out Bags - The purpose of a “bug-out bag” (AKA “72-hour bags” or “go bags”) as you’ve probably guessed, is to allow you to evacuate, or “bug-out,” at a moment’s notice… no packing required. In theory, if it’s not in your bag when a crisis strikes… you’ll have to go without it for at least a while. Building a […]
How to Create Your Own Hanging Plant Garden [Step-by-Step] - Ready-made hanging plants are products that come with the necessary pot and hanger, along with the plant itself. These are perfect for hanging from any hooks you have available on the exterior or interior of your house, but what if you have limited space or want a more uniform appearance? There are numerous DIY hanging […]
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4 Best Tips to Improve Your Handgun Shooting Accuracy - By Amanda Wilks Guns have many uses. You can use them for self-defense, hunting, or sporting activities such as playing paintball. While some of you may be in law-enforcement or otherwise, you are also invited to read through this article to the end as it may jog your memory on some of the basic tips […]
Watch Him Shoot Each US Military Rifle Since 1776 [VIDEO] - Hickok45 is a YouTube celebrity, sure, but don’t let that fool you. He also happens to be one of the most knowledgable firearms experts out there, especially when it comes to shooting them. If you’ve watched his YouTube channel, you know just how many rounds this guy plows through. In fact, today’s firearms lesson spans […]
Farmer Gets Snakebit “Down There” While Urinating in Field [WARNING: GRAPHIC] - WARNING: Male readers gird your loins, as you are about to read one of the most horrifyingly nightmarish tales ever to grace the pages of The Patriot Caller.  A 46-year-old man has endured possibly the most painful (physically and emotionally) snakebite in human history, after he was bit on the penis by venomous Levantine viper […]
The Secret Gear Your U.S. Army Sniper Uses To Nail Targets - Never before have shooters been able to hit targets at long distances. Before, snipers had to rely solely on low tech scopes for taking down their marks. Same with hunters, you’d snap on a scope, fire and hope you hit that buck knowing that if you didn’t, he’d hit you back. Recently, spotting scope technology […]