DIY Paper Log Hack [VIDEO] - It’s hard to beat the smell of seasoned pinion pine logs burning in your wood stove… but there comes a time when even the sweetest of smoke smells get pretty dang tiresome. During a long, cold winter like this one, you may get sick of smelling like a fireplace every single day. Even more likely, […]
The Oddest Things That Need to Be in Your Bug Out Bag - Your bug out bag has been assembled, and it contains all of the basics: non-perishable food, a gun, bullets, a first aid kit, etc. You’re all set, right? Wrong! Basic supplies are a great starting point, but there is much more to consider. For example, your bag should have some safety pins attached to it […]
The Easiest Way to Soothe Annoying Chigger Bites [VIDEO] - Chiggers are commonly found in tall grasses, and their bite can lead to the most intense itching experience of your entire life! These pests are most active during the afternoon, and the temperature needs to be above 60 degrees Fahrenheit for them to remain active. Unlike ticks, chiggers are way too small for most people […]
5 Reasons You Need to Grow Your Own Food - Did you know that the food you ate today was contaminated? It’s almost a guarantee. Most of the time, foods with potentially harmful ingredients are forced to include them on their labels, think: Trans fats… However, when Big Government joins forces with large corporate interests, there’s no limit to how much information they’ll try to conceal […]
Man Stops Home Invaders With His .22, Laser Sights - Imagine this scenario: It’s a typical Thursday morning and you’re fast asleep in your apartment when there’s a loud knock at your door. You slide out of bed groggily and answer the door to find a strange woman encouraging you, of all things, to let her inside because she claims to know “the people that […]
SHOCK: US Army Rejects Smith & Wesson M&P Pistol - Wow, it’s official… Smith & Wesson is officially out of the running for the Department of Defense’s coveted contract for a new Modular Handgun System. This new contract stipulates that the sidearm selected must have modifiable grips, ambidextrous controls, magazine options, and rails. The DoD also mandates that the pistol must be able to hit a 4-inch […]
9 Easiest Veggies for Beginners - x Getting off the grid isn’t just about electricity. If you truly want to be self-sufficient, you have to get off the “food grid.” Shopping at your local farmers market is not enough… The local farmer’s market is a very good resource, however, because it helps you learn about what kinds of veggies are grown […]
Supreme Court Backs Monsanto Seed-opoly - Can a company own a strain of DNA inside of a seed that’s grown and harvested by an individual? The answer appears to be yes, according to a decision handed down by the “highest” court in the land last week. The Supreme Court’s decision raises fresh concerns about the decaying state of America’s agriculture. In […]
Copperhead Bites Itself! [VIDEO] - Here’s the thing about copperheads: Their venom is the least potent of all North American pit vipers, BUT they hold the title for “most likely to bite humans” going away. After watching this video, it’s easy to see why. RELATED: Will a Bite From This Snake Kill You? Copperheads are common across the southeastern portion […]
7 Controversial Survival Secrets Learned From The Ukraine Civil War - Fortunately, most Americans have never had to endure a war on our home front. However, there’s a level of ignorance, and even a bit of hubris, that comes along with never having experienced the horror and powerlessness of a war raging in your own backyard… It’s a humbling experience, to say the least, to come […]