10 Survival Myths That Will Get You Killed in an Emergency - If you’re a prepper, then the name of the game is survival. But what happens when the “survival” tactics you’ve been taught turn out to be a pack of lies? Unfortunately, there’s a TON of misinformation swirling around the survivalism movement. Some of it simply doesn’t work at all, putting your plans in serious danger of […]
Meet the US Army’s Next Official Sidearm: Sig Sauer P320 - Handgun enthusiasts have been waiting with bated breath to learn which platform the US Army will tap to follow the Beretta M9 as it’s next official sidearm. The US Military’s coveted “Modular Handgun System” contract was awarded this month to Sig Sauer, adopting the P320 9mm to follow in the footsteps of the iconic Colt […]
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The 5 Best Canned Foods for Energy and Health [PICS] - A well-stocked pantry with a diverse list of food items that have a long shelf life is by far your best bet if you want to be prepared for any potential future disaster situations, but not everyone has an abundance of storage space available. Even if you do have a lot of space for stacking […]
10 Survival Tricks From the “Movies” That Will Actually Get You Killed - Whether it’s blockbuster movies or TV shows, it often seems like common sense goes out the window and the rules of physics don’t apply to the good guys. Although there are a few examples where Hollywood has made an attempt at realistically portraying the reality of everything from a fist fight to surviving an apocalyptic situation, […]
10 Survival Tips You Can Learn from the Star Wars Series - As “Star Wars” fans worldwide line up to watch “Episode VII: The Force Awakens,” it is time to take a few minutes to recognize all of the prepper tips that are hidden inside each movie. And no, we don’t mean the glaringly obvious tip about not going overboard with unnecessary additions to anything in life, […]
The 30 Cents a Day Space Heater [VIDEO] - Every so often, we come across an amazingly innovative, money-saving design that we just have to share. This DIY room heater is one of them. Resourceful contraptions like the one we’re going to show you how to build in this article could benefit you in an emergency power outage, sure But it could also keep […]
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How to Build Your Own DIY Fire Pit - Some people love to plop down on the couch and remain in a vegetative state all weekend. That’s fine for them…We’ve tried it and it just gives us massive cabin fever. That’s why we keep a full slate of cool DIY projects that get us out of the house. If the project can save me some money […]