10 Ways to Get Cooled Off When You’re On a Budget - Summertime is almost here, and meteorologists are predicting a warmer season than normal for much of the country. While we look forward to fun activities such as 4th of July celebrations and parties by the pool, many of us fret over the oppressive heat and higher power bills. That being said, there are several ways […]
How To Survive a Bear Attack - There are several natural events that, for whatever reason, engage our survival instincts at a primal level. Tornadoes, poisonous snakes, and, yes, bear attacks all just seem to get something going in our prepper brains. I don’t know about you, but I have dreams about dealing with these things… I wouldn’t really call them nightmares, […]
6 Weird Ways to Start a Fire Without Matches (or a lighter) - Every hiking or hunting backpack, bug-out bag, and backcountry off-road vehicle should include at least one fire starter. Whether that’s a simple Bic lighter or an elaborate $40 fire tool, the important thing is that it makes fire on demand. Even better, your fire tool should work in all weather conditions (we recommend the old military […]
9 Deer Hunting Myths That You Probably Fell For! - Whenever you combine sport, chance, and fanaticism, you end up with a recipe for massive and hard to debunk superstitions that are passed down generation to generation. In no area of life is this any more true that when it comes to deer hunting. RELATED: This Weird “Sock Trick” Will Make You A Deadlier Hunter This […]
5 Dirt Cheap “Space Heaters” You Can Build Today [STEP-BY-STEP] - Does the idea of wearing all of your winter clothing and gear indoors sound awful? It should because the only reason you would need to do this is if you have no heat. It’s possible to lose access to heating for a long list of reasons, including a winter storm that knocks the power out […]
8 Telltale Signs a Twister’s a-Coming! - Sure, most people have a good idea what do to when they know a tornado is nearby. The problem is they need a weatherman or a phone to tell them when to do it. As we all know, not every tornado is preceded by a warning. Heck, many of them aren’t even confirmed until the […]
10 Most Amazing Places to Camp on the East Coast - Camping is one of the best ways to unwind from the hustle and bustle of modern life. It provides the perfect opportunity to go off the grid, spend time in nature and practice skills such as building a fire. There are several fantastic camping locations to choose from throughout the U.S. that offer everything from […]
This Chart Will Immediately Improve Your Pistol Shooting [STEP-BY-STEP] - The best shooters in the world are the ones who strive to master the fundamentals relentlessly. Expert level shooting accuracy, whether you’re shooting a handgun or rifle, is improved with diligence and repetition. You might say there is no “magic bullet.” None of these 6 fundamentals will make the bullets hit the bullseye. Instead, they will […]
8 Weird Ways to Seal a Wound and Save Your Life [STEP-BY-STEP] - Serious wounds can quickly lead to medical complications and worse, especially if you find yourself in without access to timely medical assistance. After all, what happens if you are deep in the woods or dealing with life after the SHTF? Unfortunately, even a smaller wound could end up leading to major trouble if left untreated. […]
5 Keys Decisions to Make Before Buying a Homestead Property - The old American dream was a nice single family home with a fence and a yard. Recently, however, we’ve noticed a shift in the American dream that’s coming on strong. The new American dream includes a larger, more rural property where folks can spread out, raise chickens in the yard, pick banjos on the porch, […]