8 Ways to Purify Water You Never Knew About - Water is an essential liquid that can help keep your skin moisturized. Your body also utilizes water to maintain key bodily functions and regulate a normal temperature. As your body loses water through digestion, breathing and sweating, you’ll need to replenish the fluids regularly to prevent dehydration. Additionally, to maintain the essential health and wellness […]
How to Properly Siphon Gas during an Emergency - Gas will quickly become one of the most important commodities in a SHTF crisis. Unfortunately, it will also be one of the scarcest. The gas stations that do have fuel will have unimaginably long lines, until their tanks go dry. The best way to avoid a calamity is to keep your tank over halfway full […]
Top 8 Wildest Cat Encounters Caught on Camera [VIDEO GALLERY] - Next: Can You Spot The Stalking Mountain Lion? (He’s Right There!) If you’ve ever wondered how difficult it really is to spot a cougar in the wild, you need to watch this video. Although we don’t think of the mountain lion’s coat as being “camouflaged,” the light color does a pretty good job concealing their […]
How to Make DIY Waterproof Matches [Step-by-Step] - Wet matches are a major annoyance in ideal conditions. But when you’re in desperate need of a fire, in rainy or snowy conditions let’s say, wet matches are a complete disaster. Don’t let this disaster befall you! Using this simple method from our friends at the Sierra Trading Post, you can make your own waterproof matches […]
13 Surprising TSA-Approved Preparedness Items - Since the creation of the TSA, packing your bags and heading to the airport has become a continuing source of confusion and anxiety for the American traveler. What’s allowed? What’s banned? Do I have anything in my backpack that could land me in a TSA interrogation room for the next 10 hours? This has made […]
How to Survive a Bullet Wound [STEP-BY-STEP] - In our quest for self-reliance, we’re often drawn to fun topics like how to build wilderness cabins, or which bug-out vehicle to buy. However, learning to deal with the very unpleasant realities we may face at some critical point in our lives, is infinitely more valuable. One extremely important piece of this knowledge is understanding […]
Top 3 B.O.B. Guns - Recently, I had a friend ask me, “what’s the best gun for my bug-out bag?” It’s a question that I’ve answered more than a few of times over the years, but my answer has always been the same. I answer with another question: Do you consider yourself a firearms enthusiast? Now, I don’t ask this […]
86-Year-Old Sniper Veteran Still Has Deadly Accuracy [VIDEO] - The longest recorded sniper kill was shot from a distance of 2,706 yards by Corporal Craig Harrison in November 2009, but this feat was accomplished by an active soldier with modern technology on his side. Meanwhile, when 86-year-old veteran Ted Gundy served as a sniper during WWII, records were not even being kept yet in […]
How to Build Your Own DIY Beer Bottle Citronella Torches [VIDEO] - Independence Day may have come and gone… but the war for your independence from backyard bugs still rages on. And nobody wants to go to war without some seriously effective weapons. That’s why we’re sharing these instructions. So you can turn your backyard into a no-fly zone for annoying mosquitos. You only need a few […]
Top 5 Turkey Guns - =In the quest for self-sufficiency, there are certain activities that sharpen one particular survival skill at a time, such as target practice or learning new shelter-building techniques. Then there are those rare activities that can sharpen your self-reliance skills in a more “global” kind of way. Turkey hunting, in particular, involves moving stealthily, sometimes under […]