DIY Dentistry: How to Fix a Cavity with Eggshells

Practicing excellent oral hygiene can help you keep your teeth and gums healthy and prevent dental issues such as cavities from occurring. While brushing, flossing and regular visits can help alleviate problems, cavities and other issues can still form in your mouth over time.

Although most current dental practices use modern methods to fill a cavity, there are effective natural treatments that can help promote actually healing your teeth. One practice in particular that is very effective involves a common household item you discard every day without thinking about it – eggshells.

To effectively rebuild the teeth, you need to find the right balance of minerals. A biological dentist can properly cleanse the mouth and see that all toxins and allergens have been removed.

A holistic dentist can help address infections, cavities and other related problems pertaining to the gums and teeth. By seeing a dentist who adopts a toxic-free practice, you’ll be able to resume a more natural bacteria less flow to the mouth. Your oral pH will also go back to what is normal, making it easier for teeth rejuvenation to begin. When you’re ready to fill the cavity, your mouth will be in prime condition for the natural process to begin.

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