3 Key Survival Skills From ‘The Revenant’

1. Hunting and Storing Food without Ammo

Photo by Iain Cuthbertson

As preppers, we love to stock up on the latest and greatest guns, but what happens when the ammo eventually runs out? One of the most important things that you can take from “The Revenant” is the importance of diversifying your survival skill set so that you can hunt and protect yourself for an extended period of time.

Learning how to effectively use a bow should be high up your list. After all, any arrow that isn’t damaged can be retrieved and reused, and shooting an arrow is a much stealthier approach. You will also want to get up to speed on how to set animal traps. A snare trap is one of the most simplistic options, and you can make them from a variety of items such as wire or a Paracord. For detailed instructions, refer to the video below.

After you catch your prey, do you know what to do so that you don’t waste it? Salt curing is an ancient but practical way to preserve food without access to refrigeration. At its most basic level, salt curing involves mixing salt and sugar together that is then rubbed into a piece of meat. After enough pieces have been treated to tightly fill up a crock, the entire thing should be stored in the coolest area possible.

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