3 Key Survival Skills From ‘The Revenant’

2. Make a Poultice to Treat Wounds

Whether you have an accident with a hatchet or are attacked by a bear, you must be able to seal off deep wounds quickly in order to survive. Unfortunately, if we’re living in a post-SHTF world when this happens, you will not be able to call 911. Additionally, it may not be practical to make any modern poultices that require cooking a mixture of herbs.

The good news is that you can mash certain herbs together, mix them with water and apply them to a wound. This will require a good knowledge of herbs, so make sure that you spend some time studying this topic or keep a field guide with you at all times.

Plaintain is one of the best options. This herb contains numerous wound healing properties, and you can also use it to relieve insect stings and bites. Chewing on the leaf before applying it to the wound can give you immediate relief if you are unable to grind up the leaves and mix them with water.

For optimal results, pour boiling water into a container with the mashed up herbs and allow the mixture to cool into a paste. Be aware that it is best to have a thin layer of cloth or cheesecloth covering the wound. Next, spread the poultice paste on top of this cloth and then put another cloth on top of that.

Photo by Jared Eberhardt

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