3 Key Survival Skills From ‘The Revenant’

3. Constructing Shelter Quickly

You have probably daydreamed about building a log cabin from scratch. Well, we’re sorry to burst your bubble, but that is a very unrealistic goal that most people will never attain, especially if you hope to do it alone. Sure, you could slowly and methodically construct one now in your spare time. But if you find yourself without a shelter after the SHTF, how long can you hope to wait while you build a cabin?

Instead, you need to learn how to construct a quick shelter out of anything nearby. For example, you can make a teepee-type structure out of fallen tree branches, as depicted in the image. This does not require a lot of skill, but you will need a stable place to put all of the components together. Be sure to leave yourself enough room to get in and out, but do not make this space any larger than necessary. This will provide a good temporary shelter, but do not expect to live in the makeshift teepee long-term.

If you have a few people with you who are handy enough to build something more durable, your best bet is to construct a roundhouse. Alternatively, you could make a more permanent teepee structure. Do not forget that caves can also provide shelter, and you could construct something to block off the entrance in order to avoid issues with large animals and other people.

Each of these lessons could save your life after the SHTF, so be sure to study them while there is still time. If you are unfamiliar with herbs, pick up a field identification guide. Start taking target practice with a bow and arrow and consider salting and curing some meat to get the hang of this process. It’s also wise to go out into the woods and challenge yourself to construct a temporary shelter out of only the materials that you find nearby.

Photo by Raymond Wong

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