6 Ingenious Survival Hacks [PHOTOS]

Necessity, so they say, is the mother of invention. And that mother’s righthand man is a little thing called resourcefulness.

No matter how well thought-out your hiking backpack is, or how complete your emergency preparations are, it’s nearly impossible to keep every item that you may need around you at all times. It’s certainly impractical.

The best way to combat this urge to bring “one of everything,” everywhere we go, is to embrace the art of “MacGuyvering,” AKA “resourcefulness.”

Take, for example, learning to go without a kerosene lantern (see Exhibit A: Nearby photo).

1. The Water Jug Lantern

Two of the most common items on most emergency supply lists are a.) Water and b.) A flashlight.

Obviously, this trick works best using an LED headlamp, but as long as you have a light, you can point it int he center of a water jug and, viola, you’ve got a nice source of diffused light.

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