Amazing! Here’s How to Fish without a Rod [VIDEO]

Fishing is a fundamental outdoor survival skill. But like most other outdoor pursuits, we tend to get overly dependent on our gear.  It’s understandable; we spent lots of money on that rod and reel and want to use it. There are shortcomings with this approach however.

Here’s a question: Can you catch fish without a rod or even a net?

Whether you just want to challenge yourself, learn an awesome survival skill, or you want to impress your buddies, you need to learn about a curious little DIY device known as a “fishing button.”

The beauty of this “fishing button,” as demonstrated in the video on page 4, is that it’s incredibly compact, perfect for bug-out bags and glove compartments. Its even more compact than the Daiwa collapsible rod.

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The fishing button makes it fairly easy to catch fish in an emergency situation. This is not the rig you should bring on a guided fishing trip. It’s a compact, improvised survival rig. Of course, if you’re looking for a challenge, you may want to give it a test drive at the local stocked pond.

Continue for a list of materials needed to build your own “fishing button.”

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