Dealing with Broken Bones and Dislocated Joints after the SHTF

Broken bones and dislocated joints are severely painful, and failure to properly set them can lead to problems for the rest of your life. In short, this class of injury qualifies in every single way as an “emergency.”

Here’s the thing many of us know firsthand from experience: Not being able to help a friend, family member, or child in this type of emergency is almost as painful as the injury itself.

That’s exactly the feeling of helplessness we’re seeking to eradicate with this article.

During a normal situation, it is always best to go to the emergency room for this type of medical issue so that you can receive the necessary assistance. But understanding exactly what you’re up against never hurts. A working knowledge of emergency medicine will help you both mental and materially as you search for help.

Plus, what happens if we are living in a post-apocalyptic world or you are hundreds of miles from civilization when you break a bone or pop a joint out of place?

The good news is that anyone can learn some basic techniques that will make it easier to heal from bone and joint injuries. The following tips can help you during an emergency, but please be aware that nothing in this article is intended as medical advice that should be utilized in lieu of visiting a doctor.

Photos by Sue Clark(top) and JustSomeDust(right)

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