Dealing with Broken Bones and Dislocated Joints after the SHTF

3. Injuries That Can Be Taped


In some cases, medical tape provides a useful alternative to creating a splint. For example, if you have a broken finger or toe, you can tape it to the closest non-broken appendage to provide it with the necessary support. This is especially beneficial for broken toes as it will relieve some of the pressure and enable you to walk without suffering from as much pain while the injury heals.

If you find yourself in an emergency and cannot get medical assistance, using one or more of the previous tips could prevent a life-altering bone or joint problem. Using traction to stop the flow of blood could also save your life. However, it is wise to never try anything other than temporarily taping a minor injury if assistance is anywhere nearby. As a reminder, you should never go into the woods without a first aid kit and a fully charged cellphone.

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