How to Build a Super Shelter (and Whether or Not You Should)

What’s the Difference between a Shelter and a Super Shelter?

First, we need to ensure that you know what we mean when we use the term “super shelter.” When it comes to surviving any serious incident, you must have some type of shelter from the elements and, in some cases, a hiding place from other humans. Most shelters can be put together relatively quickly with limited or even no tools. The purpose of these shelters is to get you through a night or two before you move on, find help or build something more permanent.

A super shelter is a structure that is practically impossible to build in one day, unless you happen to have a lot of help, tools and specialized knowledge. In other words, this isn’t something you want to start working on before securing somewhere to take temporary refuge. If you decide to build a super shelter, its main purpose will be to act as a long-term replacement for a house or cabin.

These shelters are much more durably constructed and should not be able to fall apart easily. In fact, if you build your super shelter correctly, you could conceivably live in it for a very long time. Of course, this means that you have to either have an accessible super shelter in place before society falls apart or you need to keep all of the necessary tools in your bug out bag. If you end up building a super shelter after the fact, you’ll also need a lot of patience and a temporary shelter that will keep you safe and warm until you finish your more permanent solution.

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