How to Build a Super Shelter (and Whether or Not You Should)

1. Super Shelter in a Week

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This extremely impressive super shelter was built in one week by the host of the YouTube video. As you can see by watching the time lapsed video, you will need a lot of wood, a tarp, a handsaw, an axe, a hammer, nails, rope and even some door hinges if you want to put this entire thing together. Not only will this provide you with an elevated bed space that is protected from the elements but you’ll also have a sitting and fire pit area that is protected by a barrier. As an added bonus, the video will show you how to build a chair for your shelter.

This particular super shelter would work well in areas with a warmer climate. The open style could become very problematic in the wilds of Canada or in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, though, although it would still be better than having a basic shelter. If you choose to emulate this design, make sure you invest in extra tarps so that you can cover things as needed.

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