How to Build a Super Shelter (and Whether or Not You Should)

3. Low to Ground Super Shelter with Heating

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You’re probably wondering how a super shelter out in the woods can have a heating system, right? Well, this ingenious build incorporates a small wood burning stove and a chimney. The shelter is also built low to the ground with a modified A frame design to make it easier to steer clear of wind gusts. Additionally, being this low to the ground will make the shelter easier to camouflage and much more difficult to spot from a far distance. All of these are very positive perks that you’re going to want during an apocalyptic situation.

Fortunately, this low lying build doesn’t require you to remain seated or hunched over at all times. Instead, you will dig out a small but relatively deep trench that gives you the ability to stand and walk through part of the shelter. Be sure to fortify the exterior of this area with rocks, though, or else it may be susceptible to flooding.

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