How to Build a Super Shelter (and Whether or Not You Should)

Should You Build a Super Shelter?

Now that you’ve seen four distinctly different styles of super shelter, it’s time to determine whether or not one of them is the right choice for you. When it comes to honing your survival skills right now, it could definitely be helpful to select a nearby wooded area and build one of these super shelters. This will show you what you are and aren’t currently capable of, and the resulting shelter may end up saving your life one day.

After the SHTF, you will need to carefully assess the situation. If it’s safe to stay in one place long enough to justify building and using a super shelter, then this definitely makes more sense than struggling in smaller, less secured shelters. Building your super shelter will also keep you busy for several days, which is a good way to prevent yourself from falling down a dark and depressing mental rabbit hole.

On the other hand, if society has crumbled and there are easier options available such as abandoned rental cabins, it may make more sense to conserve your energy by helping yourself to a shelter that’s already built. Be careful when doing this as you never know if someone with a weapon is nearby defending the area. Additionally, if law and order actually comes back, you could get into legal trouble for moving into someone’s cabin without permission.

The ultimate decision is yours, but a super shelter is much more suitable to long-term living than any of the simple survival shelters that most preppers already know how to make. Start practicing now so that you’ll have multiple options to choose from during a long-term emergency situation.

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