Luxury Items You’ll Really Want in a SHTF Crisis

9. Entertainment Items 

You will be busy with chores such as maintaining your garden after society falls apart, but one of the most surprising things for people will probably be how much spare time they have to fill. After all, unless we find ourselves in a zombie apocalypse, there won’t be danger around every corner. And as long as you find a remote place to take shelter, you probably won’t encounter bad guys on a daily or even weekly basis. This will leave you with a lot of extra time on your hands.

You could use solar power to keep some of your electronics running, but they will eventually die and become irreplaceable. Additionally, DVDs and other forms of electronic entertainment get scratched or simply fail. Books are your best resource for entertainment (and they can even be burned during an emergency to help keep you warm). However, this will get old quickly too if you don’t bring enough books with you.

Bottom line: consider the boredom factor and try to fortify your shelter with books, puzzles, board games and other items that don’t require electricity. Remember that avoiding boredom is important for your morale and overall mental health, which makes these items a luxury you can’t afford to lose.


Photo by Stefania Toso

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