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The National Self Reliance Association enjoys adding the added benefit of the NSRA Blog, topics can vary quite a bit from camping to hiking to survival to simple DIY projects.Check our blog

Introducing The $50 DIY Fire Pit


If you live in a neighborhood, chances are good that the neighborhood association frowns upon massive bonfires burning in your back yard… too bad really. The good news is that building a fire pit to safely contain your backyard bonfires.

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Luxury Items You’ll Really Want in a SHTF Crisis


What comes to mind when you hear the word luxury?
An opulent penthouse suite or perhaps a high class luxury vehicle? These things are definitely considered to be luxury right now.

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7 Deer Habitat Problems and How to Fix Them


Are you seeing fewer mature deer on your hunts this year? It could be that several habitat issues are causing bigger, more mature bucks to avoid your property during the daylight hours, if not entirely.

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5 Bug-Out Vehicle Essentials


Whether or not you think of your family car as a “Bug-Out Vehicle,” in the event that your family needs to evacuate quickly during a crisis… it is one. Advanced survivalists put tons of blood, sweat, and tears into the fine art of crafting “the perfect B.O.V.”

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