Homesteaders Almanac

The Homesteader’s Almanac is the most trusted monthly resource for those wishing to expand their minds and uncover the techniques, and secrets that will allow them to live more sustainable lives.

Readiness Plan Course

Our FLAGSHIP course that over 34,137 people have used to learn, prepare, and protect their families with. This easy to follow, Step-By-Step system lays out exactly what you need to know and do.

Grid Down USA

The most imminent threat we face in the US is the one we’re the least prepared to deal with — materially, logistically, and most of all psychologically.


Our #1 Fastest Growing Community Of Like Minded people who revere the need for self reliance and understand how important being prepared really is.


Our #1 Fastest Growing Community Of Like Minded people who revere the need for self reliance and understand how important being prepared really is.

My Crisis Medic Kit

Learn how to gain more confidence in your ability to protect and care for your family in any situation. Also, know what to do if a worst-case scenario comes up...

144 Items That Fly Off The Shelf

This complete emergency preparedness checklist will help you ensure you have every item you may need well in advance of a crisis. Grocery stores will run out of supplies fast.

Fast Track to Survival

Whether you're staying in place or have to bug out, learn how to go from zero to prepared in just seven days or less no matter what your budget.

Endless Food Source

Generate an abundance of organic fruit, veggies, and even plenty of protein in a space the size of a table top, using techniques developed by NASA.

Real World Survival For Local Disasters

You'll learn how to survive comfortably and help others during local disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, blackouts….etc.

Abundant, Water Guide

How to build an emergency water reserve system in your home that runs on autopilot, with minimal time, effort, or money invested.

Ultimate Food Storage

We show you four different ways to store food in order to insure your family survives and even thrives in a crisis situation

Crisis medic’s Guide

How to create a complete crisis medical kit, as well as administer life-saving first aid in emergency situations where you are the last resort.

Bug – Out Bag Mastery

Learn how to put together a mobile survival kit that includes all of the items you may need should you get stranded all alone in the wilderness for 72 hours.

Tactical Fire Guide

Discover a simple formula which allows you to innovate and adapt in a survival situation, 17 fail sale fire starting methods and learn how to start a fire with nothing but a trash and a butane lighter in a downpour.

FEMA Hates This Report

Learn the 5 things you need to keep your family our of FEMA camps. With this report you will learn how to prepare for the worst financial disaster to hit the US, and the world, in the history of man kind.

Survive In Sight

There's  a real problem in the world of disaster preparedness, and it's a problem that isn't talked about.

The Last Straw

The Last Straw Report: 5 Surefire Signs of an Imminent Collapse. We’ve all heard the saying about the straw that broke the camel’s back. In almost every case, it’s used in the past tense...

Privacy Report

The Armor Plated Computer: How to ensure that your hardware, software, and perimeter defenses are secure. How to create unhackable password. Protect your mail inbox. And MUCH, MUCH MORE!

Bullets and Gunpowder

-How to fill your ammo crates with thousands of bullets for pennies on the dollar… even though the government is trying to drive prices up.
-Black powder isn’t the only type you need. Learn the other two colors of gunpowder that are essential to have on hand.
-The 3 biggest mistakes that reloaders make and how to avoid ruining batch after batch of bullets.

Clean Food Source

Step by step instructions for you to successfully set up your own Aquaponics system. Imagine being able to grow your own vegetables and raise your own fresh water fish simultaneously and in your own garden.


Transfarming is the framework that combines incredibly productive methods such as aquaponics, tank gardening, and micro livestock, making each component more bountiful and more sustainable.