Texting Man Steps on Snake, Gets Bitten [VIDEO]

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You can file this one under: Sign of the Times. Since the dawn of the smartphone era, we’ve watched dozens of hilarious videos that feature pedestrians walking head-first into streetlights, stop signs, and even brick walls.

But we’ve never seen anything quite as ridiculous as the following video…

In it, an Oklahoma roller rink DJ got quite a shock as he walked across the parking lot to clock in, deeply engrossed in his smartphone.

Security cameras capture the DJ as he arrives at front doors of the roller rink. Also in the frame, a mysterious serpentine object that turned out to be (drumroll please…)  a large black snake!

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Amazing as it seems, the DJ doesn’t notice the huge non-venomous bull snake and steps right on it. Next, hilarity ensues as the frightened snake whips around to bite the man, who immediately beings a adrenaline-fueled tap dance routine.

The snake’s fangs did leave an impressive mark on the man’s leg. Luckily, bull snakes are not venomous. The man thinks the snake was possibly dislodged from its den by floodwaters, seeking refuge on the sidewalk.

Takeaway: Always look where you’re going. Always be on guard. Never step on any threatening animals that may attack you while staring at your smartphone. And always remember the saying: If it were a snake… it would have bit me.