Top 3 Deer Hunting Handguns (Yes, Handguns) [PICS]

When it comes to deer hunting firearms, the traditional weapon of choice is a scoped bolt-action rifle. In fact, so many hunters carry these rifles that a novice might even think that it’s the only legal option. Not so fast.

The truth is, a lot of folks find it more fun or challenging to trade the bolt-action for a lever-action, shotgun with slugs, or even a handgun.

Given their shorter range, larger calibers, and smaller dimensions, handguns offer a unique challenge for hunters who are ready to stray from the bolt-action herd.

If you have operational archery blinds that you can utilize during general season, those can do double-duty as “handgun blinds” as well.

NOTE: Each state has its own regulations regarding which weapons and calibers can be used to hunt deer (whitetail, blacktail, or mule deer). So, as with all hunting choices, check the laws in your area. Continue reading to see our top 3 recommendations…

Photo credit: Jerry Edmundson, Flickr

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