Top 5 Turkey Guns

=In the quest for self-sufficiency, there are certain activities that sharpen one particular survival skill at a time, such as target practice or learning new shelter-building techniques. Then there are those rare activities that can sharpen your self-reliance skills in a more “global” kind of way.

Turkey hunting, in particular, involves moving stealthily, sometimes under the cover of predawn darkness, listening carefully, and training your eyes to spot short birds at long distances. If you saw the recent film, American Sniper, you probably noticed the parallels director Clint Eastwood drew between the skills used to hunt and those used by a sniper.

Regardless of whether SHTF crisis preparedness is your goal, or whether you’d simply like to become more self-reliant, turkey hunting is a great way to develop new skills and put meat on your family’s table. Which leads us straight into one of our favorite topics: Guns.

Here are nominees for the Top 5 Turkey Guns of All Time:

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